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This page contains all the cost details associated with training in the our club.

Your first two lessons are free!

Club Joining Fee

There is no cost to join the club. Class fees are paid on a monthly basis which is explained below.

Monthly Club Membership fees: £35

The club operates a monthly 'membership' fee. This helps regulate attendance and encourages regular training. It is NOT a contract and is NOT a direct debit, but lessons fees are payable during the first week of the month for that month. You can cancel your membership at any time if you feel you no longer want to continue training - which I hope won't happen! You are paying to reserve your place in the class which will not be given out to anyone else.

Students are encouraged to train twice weekly to ensure they maintain the high standard the club sets and to ensure they grade at regular intervals. 

Your membership allows you to train in Bethesda, Conwy and at our sister club in Llanddulas. So you can train as little as once a week or as much as 6 times a week for the same cost! This makes the lessons work out at roughly £4.37 at twice a week, or £2.18 a lesson if you take full advantage and train in our sister club too.

This is a similar payment model used by gyms, clubs, TV etc.

Once a week training: £20 per month

Not all students can commit to training twice a week so there is a rate for those who can only attend training once a week. Again this carries over to all clubs and if you decide attend a second or more class occasionally, these can be paid on the night at £5 per session.

Payments can be made by Cash, cheque (Barclays only) or standing order. Standing Order is the preferred method by most students and your instructor.

The club does have overheads to meet, hall fees etc and monthly payments really do help the smooth running of the club, your cooperation on this is very much appreciated.

Family Discounts

The club promotes family participation.

To encourage this, we offer significant family discounts for those who enrol into twice weekly training. If you have 2 members of the same family training, you will get a £5 reduction to the monthly fee (so in total would cost £65). If you have three or more family members training you would pay £70 for the whole family.

There are also licence fee discounts for families of 3 or more.

SSU Association Licence fee: £30

Shortly after you start training, when you have enrolled into the class, you will be required to order a licence which costs £30 then £30 a year to renew. All students and instructors must have an up to date licence. This is your insurance and registration with the karate governing body. You will need to apply for a licence within a couple of weeks of joining the club. You will receive an official SSU licence book which holds your insurance details and a record of your grading and course attendance.

Licence applications are dealt with by the SSU Licence Officer. You can return your completed licence form to your instructor with cash or cheque (made payable to the SSU). Your instructor will handle the rest.

Please note: licences run from 1st April to 31st March, if you join mid year, your first licence application will be pro-rata so it will expire on 31st March, you will be paying the full amount annually.

Student Handbook & Grading Syllabus: £15

Although not compulsory at the start, all students will need to purchase a handbook. This contains the grading syllabus which the club uses for training and grading. The book is full of useful and interesting articles on the history of karate and everything you need to know from white belt to black belt. These are available from your instructor or on the on-line store.


A grading is a test for your next colour belt as per the SSU grading syllabus. Students are eligible to grade every three months between yellow and purple belt, provided the student meets the technical requirements for that grade set out in the grading syllabus. Gradings from yellow to brown belt are all done by your instructor under strict grading rules.

Gradings up to purple belt cost £20 and include (if successful) a certificate and the student is entered into the official SSU records.

Brown Belt Gradings cost £25

Not everyone passes!

While your instructor will do everything they can to make sure you are ready for grading, it is all down to how you perform ON THE DAY. Unfortunately, from time to time some students fail, it's a fact of life that not everyone can pass everything first time! If you do fail a grading, you should NOT give up, you should go back to the dojo, work on the areas where you failed and prove that you are worthy of that grade. You will not have to pay for a regrade.

We follow the grading structure as set out by the Japanese Instructors.

The order of the belts are:

White (Beginner)

Yellow (8th Kyu)

Orange (7th Kyu)

Green (6th Kyu)

Blue (5th Kyu)

Purple (4th Kyu)

Brown (3rd Kyu)

Brown (2nd Kyu)

Brown (3rd Kyu)

Black (1st Dan)

Black Belt gradings

The SSU prides itself on the high standard of it's blackbelts. Blackbelt gradings are held centrally in Manchester under a panel of SSU senior instructors and are prices depending on the level (Dan) of blackbelt you are attempting, but we will talk more about that when the time comes!


There are generally 4 SSU Open Courses throughout the year. All students are encouraged to attend these. They are held centrally in Manchester so all clubs from across the UK can attend and normally cost £10 for a 3 hour course. The courses are taught by our Chief Instructor, Sensei Denis Casey 8th Dan and always have an impressive array of some of the most senior blackbelts in the country to help and teach you.

The courses do become compulsory when you reach brown belt level. You need to have attended at least one course between each brown belt grading and three in the build up to your blackbelt grading. All course dates are published on the calendar page on the site.

There are other courses which pop up from time to time, some of these are based in your club, which may include weekend kata/kumite courses. You should also try to attend these to help you improve and prepare for gradings/competitions.

There are no other official costs to training, obviously you will need training equipment (karate suit - (gi), mitts for fighting, a copy of the SSU handbook & Grading Syllabus, gum shield etc) all of which can be ordered through your instructor, but these can be bought as and when you need them.