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Warrior Training

Develop a Stronger Body, Stronger Mind, and a Stronger Spirit....

 “Masakatsu agatsu (Victory Over Oneself): victory over oneself begins with a journey of recognizing one's own weaknesses, limitations and failings. The failure to confront one's own weaknesses is the principal barrier to finding one's true self, hence living a life in disharmony with our self and others.”

Castle Fitness Centre Dwygyfylchi and Aka Ryuu Karate Club are collaborating through the summer of 2012 to offer combined training sessions aimed at all individuals of all levels of fitness (16 yrs +) who want to lose weight, tone up, get fit, build physical strength, strengthen the mind, reduce stress, improve their flexibility, build confidence, change their dietary habits and at the same time learn methods of self defence covering the basics of unarmed combat, weapon defences, and much more.

It doesn’t matter if you have little confidence or are in bad shape, by taking part in these sessions we will strive to help you reach your goals. Individuals with a martial arts background or any other sport with high levels of fitness are also more than welcome to take part and train with us.

The sessions will include some outdoor training including on the beach, local mountain and other organised events. These are aimed to encourage partner/team working and to get individuals outside and doing something “real”.

Warrior training takes circuit training and karate to a whole new level.

Our aim is to get people to come and try something that they would normally shy away from, and realise that they can actually enjoy fitness and strength training. We take training seriously, but sessions will always be conducted in a friendly and welcoming manner. 

For more information or to book your pre-training fitness assessment and induction, please get in touch.